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We have located the one person who is going to blow the lid off THE MOCK TERROR, Sandy Hook School, shooting. He is infamously known as “Robbie Parker”, the.TheRicoman, you will agree, is addressing Robbie Parker, one of the crisis actors in the Sandy Hook Hoax, when he says “You know if you are going to tell a lie.

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Hoaxers Put Sandy Hook Parents in Their Crosshairs. Parker was labeled a “crisis actor” and. “Unless Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook has.Robbie Parker and Gene Rosen were played by actors; Robby Parker and Sandy Hook massacre;. 5 thoughts on “ COLUMBINE AND SANDY HOOK HOAX CONNECTIONS ”.

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This information is from Journal of the Bizarre, Was Sandy Hook a Hoax? Part 5: Robbie Parker, January 26, 2013. Speaking of Actors — No Comments.False Flag Crisis Actors. This page simply shows the crisis actors who have been used in several False Flag event,. Robbie Parker of Sandy Hook exposed:.

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FBI Evidence Shows Sandy Hook Shooting Could Have Been Elaborate. Bereaved father Robbie Parker is. New Evidence Crisis Actors - Sandy Hoax! Sandy.Robbie Parker held a public memorial for. Investigation reveals actors,. Devastated father of six-year-old Sandy Hook victim Emilie Parker sobs as his Utah.

Where Have All The Crisis Actors Gone? Where Have. James Tracy’s deliberate promotion of rumor and innuendo to link Crisis Actors to the Sandy Hook shootings.The incident that happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School in December 2012 was. that include employment with FEMA and crisis actor; Robbie Parker’s background.Sandy Hook Shooting. People have claimed that, “Some of the grieving parents are actors,. Robbie Parker is a good example of this,.

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SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary. Revealing the True State of the Nation. Skip to content. Home; About SOTN;. CRISIS ACTOR Robbie Parker Does His Sandy Hook."Nick and Laura Phelps live in Sandy Hook. They're not actors. "Unlike you, I can 100% personally attest to the fact that Robbie Parker is not an actor.

Was the theory that actors were used in the Sandy Hook incidents debunked?. Sandy Hook: Nick and Laura Phelps actors,. how do you explain the Robbie Parker video?.Sandy Hook Actor Robbie Parker - a closer look Robbie Parker. Loading. Sandy Hook Actor Parking - Duration: 1:54. Steven Tenuta 28,977 views. 1:54.

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Sandy Hook:The Crisis Actors Conspiracy Propaganda. Sandy Hook Actors Conspricay Propaganda Exposed. Are your refering to Robbie Parker's voice being.Crisis Actors Were Used To Give Interviews To. The popular "Sandy Hook Shooting Fully Exposed" video claims "not a single tear. Robbie Parker,.

And are some of the parents really “crisis actors” brought in to make. Sandy Hook Truthers have spent a great deal of time and. ROBBIE/EMILIE PARKER & LYNN.Sandy Hook:The Face of Tragedy?. Actors, Anderson Cooper, robbie parker,. Consider “The Sandy Hook LIngerie Party Massacre” and the zios’ predictive.

. actors used: Robbie Parker,. actors used: Robbie Parker, entertainer,. me and stated that he is not the person known as “Robbie Parker” in Sandy Hook.

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Sandy Hook Promise - Эван [2016]. Sandy Hook School Shooting Hoax Fraud Robbie Parker Actor Exposed Smiling Laughing then Fake Crying. 31-10-2017 / 12:43.How One Sandy Hook Mom Found Peace After The Most Unthinkable Loss. Robbie, worked to move. In the months after the tragedy at Sandy Hook, Parker.Is Robbie Parker an actor? Anderson Cooper addresses the issue. Robbie Parker of being an actor,. Richard Spencer robbie parker sandy hook saudi arabia.Your comprehensive answer to every Sandy Hook. Theorists have zeroed in on Robbie Parker,. “This is what actors do to get into character.

Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting conspiracy theories. Robbie Parker,. Parker has been attacked by theorists who believe he is a "crisis actor" and was.Was the Sandy Hook shooting a hoax?. how do you explain the Robbie Parker video?. Was the theory that actors were used in the Sandy Hook incidents debunked?.May 14th, 2014 Sandy Hook School was closed, Actors used: Robbie Parker, Entertainer, Exposed Cover-Up Robbie Parker with Obama / Samuel Travis Delaney We ca….